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Sept 4, 2004 I've run the numbers for the required bandwidth for all my ideas and my little pipe (even though I got a business connection) just won't cut it. Since I can't afford to upgrade my connection I'll have to bid this project farewell until I can.
Aug 10, 2004 Found a guy here that has already started and completed a lot of his project. Since our projects have much overlap I'm discontinuing my WC game, but have some ideas for others that the same name would be appropriate for.
Aug 7, 2004 I've had some ideas and some time on my hands so, I plan to use this game as a test for testing those ideas. All code will now be written in Python so that anyone can run a server, etc. That etc will be announced once it's all planned out. But, needless to say, I'm building from the ground up. The amount of free time that I have once I'm completed the frame work will decide whether I continue or not.
Apr 8, 2004 All the docs are in place. Read docs/TAKEOVER for my next planned steps and when looking through the other docs look for notes in all caps. I now mark this project as inactive.
Apr 5, 2004 The people at the WC CIC and I have come to a part in the road. I have decided not to continue this project. I am currently doing the last commits and creating the docs for those who may come after me. If someone is interested contact me (sigma_nunki) through the source forge contact form. I'll also be available for questions should the need arise. I bid you all a fond farewell.
Mar 25, 2004 Well, I've been busy for the past little while with term tests and finals are just around the corner so don't expect much, if anything till mid April at least.
Mar 14, 2004 It's been a little bit since the last update, but, life has been busy. I got the server sending back the users known systems and the client will now render them. See the screen shots page for some pictorial documentation.
Mar 1, 2004 Took me a little while to put this up, but, the Wing Commander CIC has done us the honour of announcing our project. This has provided some much needed motivation as our work-load increases in other areas of our lives. Especially since the bad news was official.
Feb 24, 2004 Just got the First stage done! The client can now connect to the server and logout!
And the very satisfying first commit!
Feb 19, 2004 We are now online! Thanks goes out to Source Forge for hosting this project.
Feb 6, 2004 Progress Update:
  • completed home world placement on registration page.
Next is getting that data from the server to the client to render it. This should produce some screen shots so you all can see what I'm doing instead of just reading about it.
Feb 3, 2004 Progress Update:
  • completed random universe generation code - also checks connective-ness
Next is home world placement when registering.
Jan 26, 2004 Progress Update:
  • completed server login - upto user name & password check
  • completed client login - reports success failure of user name & password check
Next is creating the random universe generation code and related items.
Jan 20, 2004 Progress Update:
  • completed client upto login screen
  • completed registration code - only placing home world and creating initial forces left
I will now start the server side login code.
Jan 18, 2004

There doesn't seem to be that much interest. But one post said that people have tried this and failed, so, I think that's where the lack of posts/interest comes from. Let's see if I can surprise them and see what happens then.

Jan 15, 2004

After approx. 3 weeks "cutting my teeth" on pygame I feel confident that I can begin the project. It is definitely planned up to milestone 1. I posted to the WC CIC and will see if people are interested in playing this thing.

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